17hats Virtual Assistant Services

Are you ready to improve your client experience and efficiency in your business?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed trying to remember every thing you need to do to provide an excellent customer experience?

Are you ready to focus on what you are good at and hire someone to help you get organized behind the scenes?

If you answered yes to any, or all, of these questions then you are in the right place! 

Choose what you need:



17hats Full Set Up

-Choose services for set up

(Examples: family, newborn and milestones or design consult and full interior designer services)

-Includes training

-30 days of email support after your training 

*Starts at $795*

Account Review & Recommendations


-I will review your account and provide recommendations on how

to make changes to your 17hats to maximize use of it along with a printable checklist

*Starts at $145*

1:1 Coaching Calls



-Get one hour to ask whatever questions

you may have

-May add-on additional hours if you would like to

*Starts at $65*

I'm here to help you!


Fully booked for 2021.

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